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Our studio it's able to offer design solutions from small to large scale responding the topics of contemporary lifestyle: from private houses enhancement to urban spaces design, with attenction to the sustainability and the land protection, in a moderate interaction between human impact and natural system, all this thanks to twenty years of professional experience gained in italians and internationals architecture signs (first of all in Renzo Piano Building Workshop). 

The main purpose is addressed to urban requalification and interventions in the compromised meshes of urban fabrics. Pursuing this philosophy with sustained efforts in professional practice and involvement in design competitions, we have received relevant design and professional awards (''Premio città architettura e porfido", architectural award "Ernesto Losana" and honorable mention in several competitions). We are currently engaged in the construction of a multi-purpose sports facility on behalf of the Capitoline administration.

Thanks to the experience gained in the area, we take care, as local architect, of the residential complex serving the military city of "Cecchignola", ensuring constant contact with the relevant authorities and compliance with municipal regulations.

In the private sector we operate mainly in Rome, Milan and Naples where we have built residential, productive and commemorative architectures. Alongside to the prevailing design and research activity, we carry out institutional consultancy activities for the Superior Court of Public Waters and for the Civil Court of Rome.

In the private sector we carry out consultancy activities aimed to the optimization, in terms of time and cost, of all the phases of the building process: from the initial organization, through the representation of the projects, to the final management of the property, modulating our role according to the specific needs of the client.

In particular we deal with:

- feasibility studies

- real estate's due diligence

- real estate's promotion

- preliminary, definitive and executive design

- contruction supervision

- relation with public administration

- project management

- maintenance management

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